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Purchasing your new industrial thermal label barcode printer from Precision Peripherals Ltd will give you access to many other benefits and services.

Whether you are looking to purchase your first industrial barcode thermal label printer or are an experienced buyer looking for complicated integration then our technical sales team can help you.  

For over 30 years PPL have been helping our customers choose, supply and integrate their barcode thermal printers into their applications and processes.    We are independent and work with many of the leading thermal barcode label printer manufacturers to provide you with your ideal solution.    Among the barcode printer manufacturers that we can sell, service and support are Zebra, Honeywell, Printronix, TSC, Cab, Microplex, Honeywell, Citizen and Sato.  

PPL also helps customers who are looking to switch manufacturers Our sales team are knowledgeable on the range of interface software such as ZPL, IPL, PDF, Postscript, PCL and many others.  

We work differently to other industrial thermal barcode printer resellers. Instead of listing the machines that we sell, we listen carefully to your requirements and make recommendations based upon our technical knowledge the machines and your requirements. We may even introduce you to manufacturers who you have never heard of.

For more information or to get a quote please call our sales team on 01635 206070 or complete the form below.

Thermal Printer Microplex Solid T8 industrial label
Zebra ZT620

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If you are looking to purchase your first industrial thermal barcode printer or are looking to switch manufacturers then you may be overwhelmed by the sheer choice available. Help us help you to find the perfect printer for your requirements by filling in this short questionnaire.

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What are Industrial Label Printers?  

Industrial printers are rugged, reliable and are designed for high volume printing needs. They are ideal for warehouse, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, shipping and logistics environments. If your business is printing more than 1000 labels per day then industrial printers would be ideal for you. They have a fast print speed, are robust, and have a numerous connectivity options.  If you require smaller scale printing have a look at our range of desktop label printers

Industrial Barcode thermal printers tend to be built using a metal chassis and are designed to work in cold, hostile environments where there is lots of dust and debris that can affect and ruin other types of printers.    

The main advantage from using industrial barcode thermal printers is that they are rugged, reliable and designed for high volume printing needs.  

Industrial Thermal Printer Repair

What is the difference between thermal transfer and direct thermal printers?    

As the name suggests direct thermal printers print directly onto a barcode whereas direct thermal transfer printers use a ribbon that runs between the label and the printhead which is then transfer the barcode onto an image.  

Both technologies use a printhead with a resolution of either 203, 300 or 600 dots per inch (dpi) that uses heat to create a tiny dot in a specially coated label as it passes underneath.  Between them they are able to create an image that looks like a 2D or 3D barcode.   You could say that the printhead literally burns the image to create the barcode.  

Direct thermal printing is best suited for short batch runs where the permeance of the barcode is not important.   Most point of sale (POS) and ticket printers are built using direct thermal printer technology.  

Thermal transfer printing uses a ribbon which has been specially treated to run between the printhead and the label.   As the ribbon passes underneath the printhead it uses heat to melt the ink into the label.   Thermal transfer printers produce high quality images and depending on the type of ribbon that is used the barcodes can be stored for a long time in hostile environments.