Ticket Printer Products

If your organisation needs to print tickets then we can help you choose the perfect printer for your application.

Ticket Printers

If you are considering purchasing a ticket printer then speak to our experts about the right system for your application.  Whether you are in charge of ticketing for a large stadium or running a nightclub then we will have the perfect solution for you.  

What are Ticket Printers and how to do they differ from desktop barcode printers?  

Although you can print tickets off using barcode printers, specialist ticket printers are designed for heavy duty desktop ticketing applications that require advanced security measures.  Ideally, they are designed for stadiums and smaller organisations who simply need a reliable and robust printer that can print secure variable data onto specialist ticketing stock.    

Stima Thermal Printers.  

STIMA thermal ticket printers are a series of industry leading, robust high speed thermal ticketing printers.  They can be found in visitor attraction and professional sports stadiums all over the world.  Some of their deployments include: 

  • Event ticketing – museums, concerts and stadiums.  
  • Waterparks and fun family attractions  
  • Nightclubs and other small venues  
  • Transport Ticketing – boarding passes, rail, bus and ferry.  
  • Parking stations – Pay station kiosks, attended station and fine printer  
  • Car Rental – Receipt and voucher issue.  

We can help you choose, install and maintain your Stima ticketing solution. 

Boca Thermal Printers  

Boca have been using their engineering expertise over 40 years to develop the world’s most reliable, high speed thermal printer to print tickets, labels, receipts and wristbands for desktop, POS and kiosk applications.  

Their machines are used to print over one billion tickets annually using their patented Lemur printing process.  

If you are interested in finding out more about how a Boca thermal printer can help your organisation then please contact us today.  

Citizen  Thermal Printers.  

Citizen printers have a long standing pedigree providing ticketing printers to some of the most well known brands and companies in the UK.  

With their ability to print quality tickets at affordable prices, the Citizen ticketing printers provide their customers with the ability to print quality tickets at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers.   

Ticket Stock  

We can help you choose the right stock for your ticket printer.   Whether you need colour, secure holographic or even if you need a more basic design then we are on hand to help.  

Ticket Printer Repairs, Service and Preventative Maintenance  

If you have a faulty ticket printer or need it servicing before an important event then we can help.  We provide maintenance contracts, an onsite repair and fix service, workshop repairs and preventative maintenance scheduled servicing.