Automotive Thermal Barcode Printers

PPL’s partnership with Microplex, Ricoh and Zebra provides you with a range of machines and solutions that can integrate into every part of the automotive supply chain.

PPL’s partnership with Microplex, TSC and Zebra provides you with a range of machines and solutions that can integrate into every part of the automotive supply chain.  

The manifests, BOLs, AIAG labels, and Parts labels, created for the manufacturing, packaging, and transporting of automotive parts are extremely mission critical. Not to mention that automotive suppliers must adhere to strict compliance labelling requirements. 

PPL can support these industry sectors with a complete line of machines designed and equipped with all the necessary devices that make them suitable for the automotive industry and its supply chain. 

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Microplex Logijet TC8 thermal printer
TSC MH 241 barcode label printer

Key Products / Applications: 

  • Storage Slips and Labels  
  • Production Accompanying Papers  
  • Two-Colour Product Labels  
  • Mobile Applications  
  • Print and Apply Labelling 
  • Desktop printers, print modules and thermal transfer coders 

In addition we can also provide printers which:

  • Are adaptable to customer-specific systems  
  • Are compatible with IGP, PCL5, IPDS, ZP II, PDF and more  
  • Can process multiple emulations simultaneously 
  • Support the authentication standard (802. 1X)  
  • Offer two-colour thermal printing (BS5609 compatible)  
  • have optional interfaces (e.g serial interface) for process-related applications 

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Storage Slips and Labels, Shipping Documents, GTL and More 

When it comes to production-related warehousing, the focus is on just in time handling. Spare parts and production materials must be labelled quickly and reliably.   PPL can supply thermal barcode labels with print ranges from 4 inches to 8 inches to be used for printing storage labels.  

The barcode printers can be configured so you can output data from different systems in different printer languages to the same printer.   Options including rewinders, tear-off edge and cutting knife accessories are available.  

When printing shipping labels, readable barcodes are essential. By using a printer supplied by PPL you increase your process reliability. Barcodes are always printed with sharp edges and high contrast in the optimal running direction, so that incorrect readings and the associated additional effort are avoided. Benefit from the robust reliability of our printers for smooth multi-shift operation, high availability and short downtimes for material changes. 

Print Directly from SAP using Microplex without changing your Software.

Shipping labels are often created using ERP systems such as SAP® providing data suitable for laser printers (PCL5).   PPL can supply barcode printers which support this emulation and so can print PCL5 data immediately without the need to change the software.  Our printers support barcode printing under PCL5 with the emulation of the so-called JetCAPS module. 

8 Inch Printing  

8-inch printers from Microplex are used for VDA (similar to ODETTE, GTL) and KLT (similar to small GTL) labels. Thanks to the printing width, the 210 mm (A5) wide labels can be processed across in the optimal orientation (in the direction of paper movement) and thus have the best possible print quality. Configuration, monitoring and service (e.g. firmware update) are conveniently carried out via the network with the help of a software tool. 

  •  Compatible with IGP, IPDS, Labelpoint, PCL5, …
  •  Support of narrow formats (small GTL) on laser printers
  •  Software tool for configuration & firmware update via network
Microplex Solid 52A4

Support of IEEE 802.1x Authentication Protocol 

Modern security standards in the highly innovative automotive industry increasingly require advanced security mechanisms. When registering printer clients in the internal network, customers often rely on authentication using authentication servers according to IEEE 802.1x.

Microplex printers with the latest controller technology support this authentication method. The necessary settings and the uploading of the certificate are carried out on the internal website of the respective printer.

  •  Fully compliant to the IEEE 802.1x standard
  •  Suitable for LAN and WLAN connections
  •  Available for all Microplex printers with the latest controller technology

Microplex Controller Technology.

When printing production-related documents accuracy is required. No document may be missing, no document may be printed twice. To ensure this, the Microplex printers have feedback and control interfaces. Via SNMP or status out channels, the software can provide information about the printer status and query the progress of the print jobs. The printer can be precisely controlled via an electrical GPIO interface. This ensures that the right documents are printed in the right place at the right time.

The more than 40 printer emulations ensure that the print data are printed reliably, that barcodes are readable and that print formats are controlled correctly.

This is where our thermal printers, as well as our cut sheet laser printers come into place. For example the SOLID 52A4. This A4 single sheet laser printer is compatible with the frequently used thermal printer emulations such as IGP-10, ZPL etc. as well as line printer emulations such as IBM Proprinter, Epson ESC, MT-600 / MT40 or terminal protocols such as TN3270. Previously used line printers are being replaced by fast laser printers with high print quality without having to adapt the application. Any necessary adaptations are implemented by the Microplex development department in the firmware of the respective printer.


  •  A fast first page – 1 second.
  •  More than 40 emulations available
  •  Status feedback and GPIO interface