Thermal Printer Installations

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We help organisations install, configure and connect their new barcode label printers.   For more complicated installations we can even configure popular barcode management software such as Bartender and Nicelabel.   If you want to use automatic barcode verification printers then we can set them up as well.

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Industrial Thermal Printer Repair

Installing a Barcode Printer  

Many manufacturers make it simple to install a barcode label printer.   A full set of instructions are issued online or in the manual.   Most are simple plug and play devices that work through a standard windows driver and can be connected via a USB, through the ethernet port or wirelessly.   

However, sometimes the installations are more complicated.   You may be moving to a new system, using a new media type or even adjusting the resolution of your printhead. This will mean that some adjustments will be need to made to ensure your printer is properly optimised.  

Dangers of Incorrect Installations  

If the printer has not been set up correctly then it can lead to poor performance or barcode labels not being printed correctly.  Barcodes may be not be read by scanners due to lines running through them.   You may face a variety of barcode alignment issues where the barcode does not print correctly onto the barcode.  It may even keep on printing blank labels or skipping them on long runs.  In extreme cases your printer may go through the motions but fail to print anything at all.   

Even if there are no obvious problems common mistakes are turning the heat up on the printhead too high. This means that although it appears to be working correctly you are putting the printhead under a lot of strain which will cause it to fail prematurely.   As the printhead is one of the most expensive consumable parts of the printer then it will considerably increase your fleet cost per ownership.  

In extreme cases if a barcode label printer has been set up incorrectly then it may result in invalidating the manufacturers warranty.   

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PPL Barcode Printer Expertise  

Our barcode label printer engineers have been installing printers on behalf of manufacturers and resellers for over 30 years and so we are experienced in configuring printers for different industries and environments.

If you are using older barcode label printers and are due to upgrade then our team can assist you at every stage of the process from correctly identifying your next machine to installing it and providing ongoing maintenance.  

Our team of printer engineers are located throughout the country. We are able to install printers throughout the UK and Ireland but if you are in zones 2 or 3 then the response time may be a little longer than customers in zone 1.

Barcode Verifier Alignment  

Fines and efficiency savings are encouraging many organisations to use printers that automatically verify barcodes as they are printed. To ensure that they work properly they have to be configured accurately. PPL engineers are trained on and able to set up, install and configure the following printers.  

Honeywell – PX940 Industrial Printer  

Printronix – ODV T5000r   

You can find more information about our barcode verifying solutions by clicking here.