Microplex Printers – seamlessly integrate print solutions into industrial applications

Thermal and continuous and monochrome cutsheet laser printers

Microplex are a German company who have been developing and manufacturing printing technology for industrial applications for over 35 years. Their USP is the programmable controller that is at the heart of every printer. Each controller is configured so that the printer seamlessly integrates into any industrial application.

The Microplex printer range consists of continuous laser printers, monochrome cutsheet laser printers and thermal label printers.

Due to the wide range of environments where Microplex printers can be found and the bespoke developments that had to be done it is no surprise to hear that their motor is to “always make it work”.

As the leading reseller of Microplex industrial printing equipment in the UK, Precision Peripherals Ltd are the best equipped to design, sell and support your Microplex print solution. To find out more watch our promotion video or talk to one of our representatives today.

Microplex Logijet TC8 thermal printer.

Microplex printers are used all around the world in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Newspapers
  • Direct Mail
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Warehousing

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Microplex manufacturer a range of robust and resilient industrial thermal printers ranging from from 4 to 8 inch print width and up to 406 mm/s print speed with monochrome or duel colour options.

With their programable controllers they are designed to integrate seamlessly into any industrial applications and processes.


Continuous laser printers for fast, secure, high-volume and economical applications in banking, healthcare, mail houses, distribution and retail.

Microplex continuous laser printer Solid F40
Solid 58E Microplex Printer
Microplex Solid 60E Continuous Forms Laser Printer

Solid F40 Printer Microplex Printer

Solid 58E MICR Printer

Solid 60E-2 Printer Microplex Printer

Micoplex Solid 85
Microplex Solid F140

Solid 85E Microplex Printer

Solid F140 Microplex Printer


Versatile cut sheet laser printers for demanding industrial applications. The best choice when a fast first page and a wide range of data interface options are required.

Microplex Solid 52A4
Microplex Solid 52A Cut Sheet Laser Printer
Microplex Solid 50A3

Solid 52A4

Solid 52-A4 MICR

Solid 50A3-3

Microplex Solid 120A3
Microplex Solid 105

Solid 120 A3-2

Solid 105 A3-2

Microplex Printer Support in the UK

Precision Peripherals Ltd are a boutique printer technical services company. Our network of engineers allows us to provide comprehensive onsite service support for every printer that we sell including the Microplex range. Our technical sales team are helpful and will work with you at each stage of the project; from identifying the correct machine right the way through to the installation and testing.

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Microplex logiJET T8-3